Origami World Records

Origami World Records

Here is a list of origami world records from www.recordholders.org


Largest origami crane

The largest origami crane is 78.19m. It is in the Guinness World Records 2005. A Japanese person made it in Japan on 20-21 January 2001.

Largest Banger

An English man named Paul Jackson made the largest banger in November 1980. It was 108 ins. By 66 ins.


Longest snake

The longest origami snake is 45.49m. It was a king cobra. It was made in Singapore on 9-11 March 2001.

Longest Caterpillar

The longest caterpillar is 649m (2128 ft). 60 young men made it in Germany on October 2004. They use 25,000 sheets of paper and it took 25 hours.


Smallest crane

The smallest crane is 1mm. Professor Watanabe made it. The people who made it had to use a microscope. The location is in Japan.

Smallest Chicken

A French person named Eric Roudiere made the smallest origami chicken. It was 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm and 1.19 mm long chicken. This is in the Guinness worlds records.


Smallest aircraft

A Danish child name Christian Thorp Frederiksen at age 12 made an origami aircraft that is 2.5 mm x 1 mm on 16th March 1995.

Smallest Frog

A Danish man named Christian Elbrandt has folded a 2.7 mm frog. It can jump to 103 mm. This is in the Guinness world records.



The most paper Ships

The most paper ships are over 200,000. They were made in a few days.

Most paper cranes

The most paper cranes are 200,000 cranes. They were completed by December 15th 1995.


The Fastest time on 100 paper cranes

Hiromi Ashlin (Australian) folded 100 paper cranes in 1:14: 25 hrs on 12 October 2007.